Brew Coffee is a pour-over recipe app designed for Hario V60 and Chemex. It has been in research and development since 2014. And until now, it has only been available for friends and family.

I need your help to finish the app and to put the final pieces in place.

Pour-over coffee is hard. There are so many steps, variables, conflicting recipes, and techniques that it is hard to know what to do as a beginner. I started making pour-over coffee in 2012, and I have had to overcome numerous obstacles and bad cups of coffee.

Even with the best equipment, it is easy to mess up your morning pour-over coffee.

The two biggest issues are grind size (how fine or coarse to grind your coffee beans) and how fast to pour (too slow or too quick will make your coffee taste bitter or watery).

Being both a runner and an iOS app developer, I melded two concepts together. I needed a pacer to keep me on track with my pour, and I wanted to avoid the early morning math calculations (before I had any caffeine).

Brew Coffee was created using insights from Joe Bean Coffee Roasters and my hands-on experience. The app gives me confidence with my craft and has allowed my friends and family to make great coffee at home.

Click the link to sign up for the Brew Coffee beta, and you will learn how to finally make a delicious, smooth cup of pour-over coffee every morning.

Thank you for joining me on your pour-over coffee journey.

-Paul Solt

PS I read every email. After you sign up for the beta, hit REPLY to my email and tell me your coffee story.